Microsoft and Toshiba Join Forces on HD DVD

Microsoft and Toshiba Join Forces on HD DVD


Microsoft and Toshiba have announced their plans to deliver a new type of media format that will collaborate both their strengths in software and hardware technologies. The technology in development is High Definition-DVD players (HD DVD), using Windows CE technology. iHD, a next-generation DVD interactivity format may also come into the picture, as well as mobile PCs that will soon come with Microsoft’s next operating system; which sounds somewhat like an apocalyptic takeover, “longhorn”.

Both the companies have been working close together promoting Windows XP-based tablet PCs and Media Center PCs on a global scale, whether this will continue is unknown.

HD DVD with the latest dye jointly developed by by Hayashibara, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media/Verbatim and Toshiba will hold 15 GB of data. HD DVD-R discs will go commercial in spring next year, at the same time as the launch of HD DVD recorders and PCs with built-in HD DVD drives by hardware manufacturers, including Toshiba.