Futuristic Goo

Futuristic Goo


A liquid projection screen. Sounds like something out of Star Trek, doesn’t it?

But this futuristic formula is available now. If you ever find yourself with a digital projector but without a projection screen, no need to go out and buy one. You can make your own do-it-yourself screen.

Visual Reality has developed a product called Screen Goo, a water-based acrylic paint formulated to create an on-the-spot high quality video and film projection screen. With Screen Goo, you can transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance screen.

So instead of using a plain old wall as an impromptu projection surface, slap on a little Screen Goo, and viola! Now you can show that three-hour DVD of your exciting trip to the Catskills on your own home-made projection screen.

Different goos are available for different projection coverage levels and surfaces. For instance, there’s a new formula for a rear projection screen coating which can be applied to any rigid, transparent surface, transforming it into a dual-sided projection screen.

For $199 you get an application of Screen Goo, which includes top coat and base coat, paint tray, rollers and roller handles, or you can buy these items individually or by the gallon (four gallons cost $1700).

According to reviews I’ve read, this gooey stuff is really good.