Qualcomm Gets Brewing Again

Qualcomm Gets Brewing Again


Qualcomm didn’t impress many users with the launch of Brew 2.1 in Korea. No Sweat. The company plans to give its existence a second chance and launch Brew 3.1 by the year end.

So what’s new in Brew 3.1?

The user interface has gone through a massive change and additional features are said to get more users on to the system. Qualcomm also plans to introduce ‘Wipi on Brew’ along with this launch.

At the moment Qualcomm is looking at mobile phone partners that would be able to deliver their Korean Dream the second time around. Samsung has been the preferred supplier till now and it looks likely that LG would become a phone supplier to Qualcomm in this endeavor.

Considering that users of mobile phone services in Korea are quite conscience of the quality and usability of their services, Qualcomm has a large task in front to them to impress everyone and get them to switch over to their service. Qualcomm will need both technology and smart marketing to achieve success this time around. If you are based in Korea, you need to look out for the launch of Qualcomm’s services of Brew 3.1 this year end!