Sony gets thumbsdown from the Queen

Sony gets thumbsdown from the Queen


Who ever said that usablity was rated too high can now eat their words. The Queen of England has admitted that using a Sony device is no easy task.

One man’s curse is another man’s blessing and Apple has been quick to jump to this comment and combine it with the Queen’s lastest facination with the iPod. Apple officials are hoping that the Queen is ranking the iPod’s excellent user interface a lot easier than Sony products.

It might be a good idea for new product manufacturers to add some weight to this comment and focus on making more usable products for all, rather than focus on the tech savvy group only. This is important as more and more products are crossing into our daily lives and being used by non-tech people on a regular basis.

So will you see an easy Sony remote control soon? You might never know, the designers in Japan might already be working on a secret project code named ‘Please the Queen’ at this very moment!