Is ColdPlay Apple Obsessed?

Is ColdPlay Apple Obsessed?


The ColdPlay band members Apple obsession does not end with Chris Martin naming his child Apple. Neither does it stop with the band releasing most tracks on the iTMS. The obsession has taken new heights and has proceeded to give the band a new task of promoting a solar charger for the iPod. Sounds strange? Yeah it is a strange activity for a rock band to take up but then we have seen stranger things in the past.

So lets talk a bit about the product itself. The Solio uses the Sun’s ray to power itself. It is a decent piece of work and a bit overpriced at £79.99, but then the premium is also due to ColdPlay’s endorsement of the product. The endorsed version of Solio also has a limited run of 200 pieces only and can be ordered from the website of the band.

The look and feel of Solio is not as mature as Apple products. It looks like a wireless mouse to me and does not have any of Apple’s trademark design attributes. Leaving the design, it looks like a useful product for iPod users on the go and the environmental friendly feature is likely to make this product a success.