Hitachi 6GB in next PalmOne LifeDrive

Hitachi 6GB in next PalmOne LifeDrive


Is Palm planning to use Hitachi’s 6GB microdrive to boost their handhelds capcity? Yes, if you read a recent press release from Hitachi’s Spanish arm. Palm’s earlier product LifeDrive, which boasts of a 4GB microdrive is also made by Hitachi so it is no big secret that the new 6GB microdrives are most likely to be used by Palm.

Microdrives have added flexibility to the handheld and mobile devices industry and have allowed manufacturers to add more features to these devices. Users can store unsurpassed amounts of data, music and business files like they have never been able to in the past.

So how much data can a 6GB microdrive store? Up to 75 hours of CD quality audio, however, 6GB is not the largest microdrive to be shipped and you are likely to see a 10GB Seagate version on the market next.