Sprint adds Blackberry 7250 to Line-up

Sprint adds Blackberry 7250 to Line-up


Sprint has announced that they have started carrying the BlackBerry 7250 handheld from RIM. Nothing too exciting as many other carriers such as Verizon and Telus have already added this model to their lineup.

None the less, the BlackBerry 7250 is a great portable email/phone solution. The 7250 features built-in Bluetooth, integrated email, phone, and a personal organizer all in one. The main display is a 1.5 x 2.25-inch TFT with 240 x 160 resolution at 65k colors. 32MB of flash memory is built into the device for storage along with 4MB of SRAM.

The unit weighs 4.9 ounces and measures 4.5 x 2.9 x 0.9-inches. Expect to get around 3.3 hours talk time on a single charge of its Lithium Ion (900 mAh) battery.

You should be able to get the BlackBerry 7250 for $489.99 before contract and instant savings. If you sign your life away for a few years you can grab it for $241.99

Software Enhancements on the 7250 include;

– Support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 software features. With the availability of this latest version, Sprint customers will benefit from several enhancements including:

– Wireless Backup and PIM Synchronization – Email, personal settings, browser bookmarks, contacts, calendar, tasks and other data remain up-to-date with complete cradle-free wireless synchronization.

– Attachments – Remotely viewing documents is easy with support for multiple image formats; embedded images within documents; pan, zoom and rotate functionality; tracked changes; and searching and jumping through a document.

– Wireless Email Settings – Create, edit and modify email filters or make changes to Auto-Signature and Out-of-Office replies, all directly from the BlackBerry device.

– Calendar Enhancements – Avoid scheduling issues with BlackBerry support for tentative acceptance, basic conflict/adjacent notification, and marking appointments as private.

– Sent Items Synchronization – Email sent from the desktop can also be viewed from the BlackBerry device.

– Phone Enhancements – A to Z speed dialing is supported and, with an IT policy setting in place, outgoing calls are allowed when device is locked.

– IT Enhancements – New features and functionality include simplified deployment and maintenance, improved wireless security, enhanced asset tracking and simplified application development.

For more info check out Sprint’s product page.