Sports Lover? Here’s an MP3 Player just for you

Sports Lover? Here’s an MP3 Player just for you


An MP3 Player made of urethane which can be easily used during outdoor sports activities is the latest offering from Hantel, a South Korean digital device maker. Sports fanatics can now use Qoolqee X without worrying about damaging it while playing their favorite sport.

Qoolqee X is available is three configuration options; 256MB, 512MB and 1GB and weighs a mere 28gms. The device promises to be a roaring success with all those who have lost valuable MP3 players while mountain climbing, racing, hiking etc.

It seems like the Koreans are beating the Japanese in size of devices as well. Qoolqee X measures only 5 cm and does not compromise on any audio quality, the only visuals you get are the choice of red, blue or yellow designs.

The only down side is that this is launched in South Korea and is not yet available in the US. Should not be long before distributor network for Qoolqee X is up and running. If your hands are itching to get hold of Qoolqee X, then you can ask you techy friends to pick it up on their next business trip to South Korea!