Targus Reveals iPod Slider Case, Flip Case, RemoteTunes and SoundUP

Targus Reveals iPod Slider Case, Flip Case, RemoteTunes and SoundUP


Targus has released several new accessories for the Apple iPod and iPod Mini today. The flip case and slider case are similar to the latest most popular form factor of mobile phones; Targus released one of each for the iPod, as well as a docking station with remote and sound enhancement device.

The Slide case is available for the iPod Mini and the 3G, 4G Click Wheel iPod and iPod photo models. The back peice clips to your belt or bag while the front piece slides into the top for easy access to controls and connectors. It’s made of black leather and includes a screen protector and will sell for $29.95.

The Flip Case is available for the same versions listed above, it can also be worn on your belt, the only real difference is that it is made from one single piece, and the controls can be accessed by flipping the front leather cover. It is also available in black for $29.95.

RemoteTunes is a wireless remote system for the iPod, it uses RF technology to allow users to control their iPod from up to 150 feet of open room and less through walls and floors. Targus is claiming that the other iPod remote devices on the market require a direct line of sight to function, thus making it useless if you are not in the same room. The remote is water-resistant and can be attached to your key chain, the entire system switches to power save mode after 20 minutes, once a remote button is pressed it automatically switches back on. This will run you $49.99 with the tabletop stand, stereo cable, belt clip, receiver and remote.

SoundUP is the high-definition sound enhancer for the iPod and iPod mini, it costs $39.99 and is said to improve audio quality. Instruments and vocals will sound more full, crisp and rich. It comes with a headphone splitter and a remote pass-through to be used in concjunction with RemoteTunes or Apple’s wired remote.