Logitech Bluetooth Wireless iPod Headphones

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless iPod Headphones


Logitech has announced a new set of iPod headphones that run wirelessly off of Bluetooth technology. The new iPod headphones allow users to receive sound from their iPod as far as 30 feet away.

The headphones work by connecting a dock to the bottom of your iPod that handles the Bluetooth wireless. The headphones contain 40 mm full-range neodymium drivers and weigh 3.2 ounces. Battery life should last you for a full 8 hours on one charge with a charge time of 2.5 hours.

The Logitech Wireless Headphones will be available in July for a price of $149.99 US. Expect to see it in Apple stores, on Logitech’s website, and various other retail stores.