Text it, don’t say it

Text it, don’t say it


Results have come in from the latest IDC survey which asked travelers their opinion of cell phone use on airplanes, the survey found that only 11% of 50,000 participants said they would use a mobile phone for voice calls when in-flight. 64% approved of using their mobile phones for other activities such as text messaging, this was their first choice.

An airplane with half of its passengers making voice calls would be a nightmare, an airplane with almost everyone tapping away on their Blackberry would mean a nice quiet time to catch up on Zs.

Aside from mobile phone use, I would rather see a greater effort to bring WiFi Internet to airplanes; this is happening more over seas and is costing upwards to $30 per trip. United Airlines recently announced their efforts to bring WiFi in-flight, it may be some time before we can actually see it in action.