Sprint Launches Merlin S620 with EV-DO Service

Sprint Launches Merlin S620 with EV-DO Service


Sprint is launching the Merlin S620 EV-DO card when their new EV-DO service sometime this summer. Sprint says they plant to deliver EV-DO service to approximately 60 major metropolitan areas by early next year with the potential to serve around 150 million customers.

The card, which they are calling the Sprint PCS Connection Card will allow users on the EV-DO service an average speed of around 400-700kbps and up to 2.0Mbps peak rates (better than DSL). The card also switches back to the old 1xRTT network that should average around a measly 50 to 70kbps with peak up around 144kbps.

The Merlin S620 card is currently being sold by Sprint for a hefty $250 without a contract. If you get it with a bunch of rebates and a service contract you should be able to get it for $free.