IPdrum develops Skype to all mobile phones cable

IPdrum develops Skype to all mobile phones cable


A new company from Norway called IPdrum, is planning to bring Skype to all mobile phone users worldwide by using a simple cable they have designed.

The IPdrum Mobile Cable connects Skype to a mobile telephone via the mobile telephone network, Skype users will be able to take advantage of worldwide calling for local rates. Their patent-pending device connects traditional telephone systems with peer-to-peer (P2P) telephony. IPdrum Mobile Cable enables the user to Skype from their mobile phone no matter where they are.

“Skype users today need to physically sit in front of their PCs or buy special cordless phones that must be used within a range of a few meters from the PC,” says Kjetil Mathisen, CEO IPdrum. “These current Skype restrictions provide enormous market potential for IPdrum technology and solutions.”

Not requiring any special phones or restrictions to specific network Hotspots or zones, the IPdrum mobile cable is designed to increase Skype performance. Features incorporated are forwarding incoming Skype calls to PSTN or a mobile phone, synchronizing contacts from a mobile phone or in Skype and sending contacts to Skype users.

The IPdrum Mobile Cable is expected to ship this August, it is expected to sell between US $60 and $80. One major set back for this setup is that it requires the user to have two mobile phones, one connected to the PC via USB and the other on the user wherever they may be.

An IPdrum representivite reported to MobileMag that IPdrum’s software uses the mobile phone attached to the computer to set up a connection between the Skype application and the consumer’s mobile in his or her pocket.

This is not a feasible solution for the average user, and having two phones does not sound like a cost effective solution. It looks like we will still have to wait for Skype to release a a mobile version to actually use their service in a painless manner.