Calypso Wireless to Conduct Field Trial Installations with Ecutel

Calypso Wireless to Conduct Field Trial Installations with Ecutel


Calypso Wireless, makers of the C1250i WiFi mobile phone with ASNAP, have announced that they have signed an agreement with Ecutel to conduct field trial installations. Ecutel, a wireless local loop telephony company, says they will conduct the trial with Cisco networking systems.

The ASNAP technology allows users to seamlessly switch back and forth between GSM/GPRS/CDMA cellular networks as well as Wi-Fi wireless local area networks (WLAN) utilizing the 802.11 standard. What does that mean? Well, you will be able to easily connect to any Wi-Fi zone and conduct transfers up to 11Mbps; great for very high quality streaming video, downloading music, and games.

“Mobile users will be able to make two-way, real-time video conferencing and VoIP calls over the WLAN or switch over to the Mobile network when outside of a coverage WLAN area. The C1250i’s browser can be used both inside and outside the WLAN, users always have access to the Internet. Instant messaging between C1250i handsets on a wireless LAN is also possible. We expect contracts for the delivery of our dual mode GSM-GPRS-WiFi cellular phone incorporating our ASNAP(TM) patented technology and network software, upon the successful completion of the field trial,” says Alfredo Sarrazin, Vice President of Sales of Calypso Wireless Inc.

“Calypso is scheduled to conduct demonstrations of the company’s C1250i Wi-Fi cellular phone by the fourth week of July. The delivery of phones is anticipated to begin during the fourth quarter of 2005,” says Sarrazin.