BT launches first combined and fixed mobile phone service

BT launches first combined and fixed mobile phone service


BT has launched the world’s first fixed and mobile phone service based around the Motorola V560 handset, calls will automatically be transferred from your mobile to your home service when you walk in the door. In this case, to your BT Home Hub which routes your calls via your broadband Internet connection.

Ian Livingston, CEO for BT Retail, said “We know that many of our customers enjoy the convenience of their mobile phones when they’re out and about – but switch to using a landline phone when they arrive back home to save money or because they have little or no mobile coverage.”

There are several benefits to the service, one is the savings; calls from a landline are estimated to be 95% less for 10-minute off-peak calls as compared to mobile phone packages. You will not have to worry about bad reception and losing signal when using your mobile in your house, and of course the use of the BT Bluetooth home hub makes the entire process seamless and painless.

BT’s hub also works as a Wi-Fi router, but unfortunately is only available at this time in the UK to 400 early adopter customers. Full rollout is expected this September.