Philips Rugged Wearable GoGear SA255 MP3 Player

Philips Rugged Wearable GoGear SA255 MP3 Player


Philips has lift the lids off their new flash based MP3 player, the GoGear 256MB Digital Audio Player SA255. The only feature that makes it stand out in a crowd of many would be the rugged wearable design.

The player will come with 256MB and will include a mini-SD slot for expansion. Both MP3, WMA, and WAV formats will be supported. No word on how long to expect the device to run for, but it will take a single AAA battery. The device measures in at 97.5 x 43 x 23mm and manages to pack a 128×48 white backlit LCD screen. Other features include line-in encoding, FM tuner, USB 2.0, and voice recording.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but check Philips’ site if you would like detailed product info.