Holographic Versatile Card

Holographic Versatile Card


The battle between recordable media formats will always be, however recent advances have somewhat kicked a trail of dust in the face of the well-known DVD and Blue Ray formats. Optware has come out with a high capacity Holographic Versatile Card, it’s about the size of a credit card, and holds an impressive 30 GB of information.

Physically, it is much smaller than a standard DVD disc. Performance wise, it’s much faster; up to 3 times faster than Blu Ray technology and only costing US $1 a piece. It will be interesting to see what future storage media our movies will be on; considering this is usually the path the consumer market follows.

The Holographic Card readers right now cost about US $2000, which is a bit pricey for many, but quite normal for emerging technology. I remember buying a 2X HP CD-R for $1100 many years ago, we can also expect these prices to come down once mass-acceptance comes into play.

Optware also has a slightly larger Holographic Versatile Disc, it is capable of storing one terabyte of information (1024 GB).