Next-Generation MP3 Players will be WLAN-enabled

Next-Generation MP3 Players will be WLAN-enabled


Samsung in Korea has joined up with Korea Telecom to offer WLAN connections to Samsung’s newest MP3 devices. Using the Nespot Wireless network, the WLAN-enabled MP3 devices will give users wireless access to streaming music directly to their MP3 player. Users will also be able to purchase and download music directly to the device, and even create personal broadcasts through online blogging services.

The Yepp will be one of the first MP3 players to feature WLAN connectivity, it will be out this year. Why Samsung didn’t add VoIP support and just call this thing a phone is beyond me.

In the photograph shown by Korea Telecom (KT) of the new Samsung Yepp, it looks as though the device may even support wireless video streaming, now that would be a handy little multimedia gadget.

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