Intel + Apple = Crapple

Intel + Apple = Crapple


Apple Computer is said to be announcing their plans to switch from their current high-end PowerPC processors in their lower-end systems to that of an Intel processor.

The IBM 64-bit PowerPC processors will still be kept in their Power Mac and Power Book systems until the middle of 2007, and also plan to switch over the Mac Mini and other lower-end computers to Intel chips in mid-2006.

This was announced by Reuters over the weekend, Apple, IBM, Intel and Freescale Semiconductor have all declined to comment on the report. Analysts suspect the reason for the change may be due to the lack of variety in their line of chips.

This move could cost Apple more than they expect to save. The performance and power that goes along with current PowerPC chips is sought after by many industry professionals, not to mention the torment this change would cause developers who are just getting settled into OS X.