New Canon EOS 20Da for astrophotography

New Canon EOS 20Da for astrophotography


Canon has announced a version of their EOS 20D digital SLR camera aimed at astrophotography. The new EOS 20Da will feature a life preview LCD which works like a non-DSLR camera where the picture you are taking is previewed on the LCD screen.

Other changes include a modified version of the low-pass filter in front of the 8.2-megapixel CMOS sensor that increases the transmission of light at the specific wavelength of 656nm (Ha wavelength) by 2.5x the normal 20D. Just mount this sucker to a telescope with a T mount and away you go on a rocket ship, sort of. An optional filter can be used on the lens to enable you to use it as a normal digital camera.

The live preview LCD works by locking up the mirror and opening the shutter to display a magnified live view of the subject in the LCD. That way you can insure that the picture is as sharp as you want it by magnifying the subject by 5x (4% of the picture area) or 10x (1% of the picture area). You can also output this function to a TV monitor.

The Canon EOS 20Da will be available in July for $2200.