Archos PMA400 software development kit released

Archos PMA400 software development kit released


Archos, the manufacture that brings you the glorious Pocket Media Assistant PMA400 has released the software development kit (SDK) for the device. What does this mean? Well, the PMA400 is now totally hackable, and tons of new user generated applications will come out shortly, making this by far the most versatile portable video unit on the market!

The SDK will enable developers to develop apps for the Trolltech Qtopia OS (Linux). It will include GNU binutils, GCC and glibc, and Linux kernel sources. Also, Archos will include the PMA400’s multimedia framework libraries and documentation. So, let the soft modding begin! Download the SDK”.

If you don’t know what the Archos PMA400 is, you must be living in a box. Check out our previous news story on the device. You can purchase one for a cool $800 US.