Navman Sport Tool helps athletes track performance

Navman Sport Tool helps athletes track performance


Navman today began shipping their new line of sport-specific GPS training devices. The Navman Sport Tool was developed for outdoor recreation, it’s main fuction is to accurately measure speed and distance traveled. Five models are available, depending on what sport you are training for and the level of accuracy you need. Unfortunately there is none for cyclists, perhaps the A300 would work.

Navman R300: Is designed for runners, it offers audible pace alarms, distance and calorie measurements, lap history, automatic run timers and more. Other similar devices such as the Garmin Timex Ironman Speed & Distance System require a second gadget to be attached to your shoe or belt, the Navman Sport Tool is a single device design that can clip on almost anywhere.

Navman W300: For fitness walking and even for fun, the W300 keeps track of time, distance, calories burned, speed and pace, helping to keep you at your preferred workout level while preventing overexertion.

Navman S300: The S300 was designed for inline skaters, it was also chosen by the International FILA inline speed skating team for training purposes. It gives skaters an automatic timer/stopwatch; current, average and maximum speeds; distance skated; and speed target zones with programmable alarms.

Navman M300: Designed for competitive water sports enthusiasts, the M300’s water-resistant design is ideal for surfing, windsurfing, sailing, kite-sailing, boating, jet skiing and water skiing. The device measures current, maximum and average speed (in nautical miles and knots); displays heading; and automatically records time and distance for each lap completed.

Navman A300: The ultimate alpine electronic personal trainer, the Sport.Tool A300 is the first product on the market to provide an accurate measurement of downhill distance traveled. The device provides performance data based on speed, distance and altitude calculations, and features an innovative directional elevation algorithm that masks distance covered on the chairlift.

Each of the five Sport Tools sell for $179.95 and display time, speed, average speed (accurate to within +/- 0.3km/h) and distance covered (accurate to within +/- 2%).

The device is small enough to fit on an armband and each model has their own specific colour, interchangable faceplates will be available shortly. The easy-to-read LCD display shows important performance statistics in real-time. The R300, W300, S300 and M300 devices will run for 16 hours on a single AA battery, the A300 is rated at 10 hours.

It would have been beneficial for Navman to develop a PC application for users to upload their data, keep track and compare their performance over time. Andrew Golden, marketing representative for Navman reported to MobileMag this morning that more ideas are in the works, Navman plans to release more tailored and advanced models for each sport and possibly other sports shortly. This is just their entrance into the sports category of products.