Good Technologies brings wireless e-mail to Cingular

Good Technologies brings wireless e-mail to Cingular


In order to compete with RIM’s BlackBerry portable email service, Cingular Wireless has added Good Technologies mobile e-mail service to its service profile for business customers.

So far the Treo 650 and the Siemens SX66 Pocket PC are the only handhelds sold by Cingular that support Good Technologies service, but more devices are expected to roll out later this year. The GoodLink service is bundled with Cingular’s $45 monthly unlimited wireless internet phone plan for no extra cost. Oh, and lets not forget the one-time corporate account setup fee of $1,500 plus hookup fee of $99 for each user.

Unlike RIM, Good Technologies no longer produces their own hardware devices but focues on their software development and GoodLink service. Currently they offer their GoodLink software for both Palm Treo and Microsoft’s Pocket PC mobile OS’.