Fugawi Global Navigator covers all corners

Fugawi Global Navigator covers all corners


Northport Systems has released a mobile GPS application called Fugawi Global Navigator, the all-in-one software package includes a Windows version for notebook computers, and a Pocket PC and Palm version for PDAs.

With the Fugawi software you get street level maps of Canada, additional topographic maps for every province can be purchased separately although many commercial maps and charts are supported including Softchart, BSB format nautical charts (MAPTECH, NDI DigitalOcean), ECW, GeoTiff, eTopo, SoftMap or any scanned and referenced paper map.

The new 3D map view allows users to view a vivd 3D landscape of compatible raster maps in real-time from your notebook computer. You can also use your mouse to “fly” across the 3D landscapes. The 3D version is only supported on the notebook computers while 2D is supported by all.

Fugawi Global Navigator with elevation data for all of Canada sells for $134.95 (CAD).