Hop-On Unveils $39 VoIP WiFi Mobile Phone

Hop-On Unveils $39 VoIP WiFi Mobile Phone


Hop-On has released the HOP1502 Wi-Fi carrier grade IP phone. This handset is capable of making secure calls from a Wi-Fi hot spot, whether you are in an airport, coffee shop, hotel room or around the world.

The handset features VSIM; a primary security feature that protects users from impersonation, anti-replay and fraud. VSIM addresses the need to secure VoIP terminals for use in a public infrastructure. VSIM also manages user access rights, billing ticket management and usage services and encryption for voice, data or video streams that are sent to the handset.

“Wi-Fi phones have not yet been deployed in quantity by carriers due to security challenges such as fraud, theft of call information, passwords and the lack of 911 Emergency Service.” Said Samuel Demissie, President of Hop-on.