Belkin TuneStage gives iPods Bluetooth

Belkin TuneStage gives iPods Bluetooth


Belkin has released the TuneStage iPod Bluetooth transmitter, the device connects to your iPod music player to send high-quality sound to your stereo wirelessly. TuneStage consists of two devices, one Bluetooth connector that attaches to your iPod, and a base station with RCA or 3.5mm output which connects to your stereo system. Music is sent over Bluetooth v1.2 up to as far as 33 feet away depending on obstacles in your room.

This is a great product for users who wish to control their song selections remotely, with your iPod in hand and the TuneStage on your stereo, you can be an iPod DJ.

The Belkin TuneStage will sell for $179.99, it comes with 7 ft. Gold Series RCA stereo cable and uses a mere 40mA of power from your iPod.