Vodafone Simply no-frills mobile phones and service

Vodafone Simply no-frills mobile phones and service


Vodafone today has launched two slimmed down mobile handsets for customers with basic mobile phone needs. The phones from Sagem are part of the special Vodafone deal called “Vodafone Simply”, it aims at customers that aren’t into all the hyped up features like super ring tones, cameras, mp3 players and just need a plain old phone.

This is a great move by Vodafone, most carriers in North America don’t see the potential in lower income customers. Other carriers should learn by their moves, considering they are the top earning mobile phone company by revenue.

The two phones connected with the Vodafone Simply plan will be the Sagem VS1, a silver, stylish handset, and the Sagem VS2; a simple black candybar design.

Both phones offer large display screens with legible text and symbols as well as dedicated buttons to access the Main Screen, Contacts, and Voice Messages. Ringer volume and a lock switch that locks the keypad are located on the sides. A help system is in place to let less tech-savvy customers quickly learn the system.

The integrated voice mail service works similar to a home answering machine; the message button will light up when a new message is received. To listen to messages the customer just needs to press the messages button. Vodafone Simply also offers a missed call notification service, if calls are missed or a caller does not leave a voice message, an on-screen notification will appear.

Vodafone is selling the handsets for GBP 80, or free with a Vodafone Simply monthly plan which also offers the Vodafone Stop the Clock price plan, customers can talk for up to one hour on evenings and weekends and only pay for the first 3 minutes.