Nokia Expands N-Gage to Series 60 Smartphones

Nokia Expands N-Gage to Series 60 Smartphones


Nokia today announced plans to expand their N-Gage mobile gaming hardware platform. Not only that, but they plan to offer gaming on a wide range of Series 60 smartphones next year. Nokia also plans to implement an end-to-end solution allowing users to search, purchase, and play games straight from their PC and transfer them to their smartphone.

Definitely a good move on their behalf; there has been problems in the past with poor N-Gage QD sales. With the branching of hardware platforms it will allow Nokia to continue to grow and reuse its N-Gage API and games.

“Over the past two years, we’ve seen the mobile gaming market grow by leaps and bounds both in terms of market interest and customer expectations,” said Gerard Wiener, Director and General Manager, Games, Nokia. “With the N-Gage platform, we’ve been able to deliver a superior gaming experience to mobile gamers, but only on a small range of devices. Now we want to expand rich, connected mobile gaming across the Nokia smartphone range. In 2005, we expect to sell 25 million smartphones and we see the global smartphone market exceeding 250 million devices in 2008. We can continue with our N-Gage offering while helping to drive the adoption of mobile connected gaming at a broader level.”

Nokia also announced that they will be unveiling their new title launch portfolio come September of 2005.