Mobile Phones Tune-in to MP3 Radio Stations

Mobile Phones Tune-in to MP3 Radio Stations


VirtualRadio is a software application for Symbian Series 60 mobile phones that will allow users to receive MP3 Internet radio stations via a data stream. Of course this would be a very expensive application to run, and without an unlimited data plan it would cost you a fortune (it uses 250KB per minute). But for phones without an integrated FM receiver, it would be nice to get some fresh and interesting content to your seemingly outdated and MP3-less handset.

Most Symbian Series 60 handsets already on the market can utilize this software, a full list is available from Handango and with a list of around 40 free radio stations to tune into, VirtualRadio has a wide variety of listening options. They also make it as easy as one click, to tune into a station to start playing.

The software is available for a one-time download price of around $8.00. Surely much cheaper than the monthly fee’s radio service providers are trying to pawn off to users.