Nextel Targets Travelers with $40 WiFi HotSpot Service

Nextel Targets Travelers with $40 WiFi HotSpot Service


With access to over 7,000 hotspot locations and 150,000 hote rooms throughout North America, the Nextel WiFi HotSpot service delivers Internet access to mobile business travelers in most of their journeys.

The access brings us one step closer to seamless WiFi coverage, where users can one day travel to any city or location and be instantly connected. Nextel partnered with Boingo Wireless and Wayport to offer wired-Ethernet and WiFi connections for users from airports, hotels, convention centers, retail stores and other locations with an easy to use unified software client.

If Wi-Fi is too restricting for your mobile business needs, an iDEN im240 PC Card will give users increased coverage and improved data speeds over Nextel’s enhanced data network.

Unlimited Nextel WiFi HotSpot service is available for $39.99 per month, and the first month is at no charge. Wireless PC Access can be added to Nextel WiFi HotSpot service for a total promotional rate of $54.99 per month.