Sprint Launches 2 Megapixel Samsung MM-A800 Cameraphone

Sprint Launches 2 Megapixel Samsung MM-A800 Cameraphone


Sprint has officially announced that they are launching the Samsung MM-A800 2-megapixel camera phone. The product page for the A800 has been on since last week, but today they made the official announcement. As for the camera module, Sprint is claiming that it is the first 2-megapixel phone launched in the US, not sure about that, but we will take their word for it.

The MM-A80 is a tri-band CDMA phone that is feature packed with an MP3 player, speech-to-text, and 15FPS video through the built in media player with content provided through Sprint TV. The camera itself features 2.5x digital zoom, flash, color adjustments, fun frames, and multi-shot. The phone has a TransFLASH card slot (soon to be miniSD) to store all your pictures; a 32MB card is supplied with camera.

As for the physical specs, the phone will weigh in at 4.26-ounces with a 1.22×1.59-inch TFT LCD 262k color screen with 240×320 resolution.

The MM-A800 is available now for a mammoth price of $500 US, or $349.99 after rebates at third-party retailers and on Sprint’s site.