Windows Mobile 5.0 to run on Samsung SGH-i300 Smartphone

Windows Mobile 5.0 to run on Samsung SGH-i300 Smartphone


Windows Mobile 5.0 was unveiled today, the first smartphone to use Microsoft’s new Mobile OS will be the Samsung SGH-i300. When we caught wind of Samsungs latest phone back in March at CeBIT in Germany we knew it would stand out in the crowd. Not only did the 3GB internal harddrive dazzle us, but so did the multitude of multimedia formats supported. Samsung did not announce what OS would be running on the handset at that time.

Audio playback is possible with MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+ and OGG formats, video messaging and recording are done in MPEG4 or WMV. Files can be stored to or accessed from the already hefty internal 3GB harddrive and from the expandable TransFlash memory slot. Music playback will be to your stereo headphones, or streamed over Bluetooth.

Bill Gates announced Windows Mobile 5.0 at the Microsoft Mobile & Embedded DevCon 2005 (MEDC) conference, this is when he held up the Samsung SGH-i300 smartphone to reporters.

No official release date or price is set yet for Samsung’s SGH-i300. More photos and specs of the SGH-i300 here in our previous article.