O’Neill’s Solar Charging iPod Backpack With Bluetooth

O’Neill’s Solar Charging iPod Backpack With Bluetooth


O’Neill Europe has announced a new product for all you snow bunnies out there which should keep you rocking on a sunny day. The new H2 series backpack is designed for the iPod and is packed with Bluetooth, solar charging, and hands free calling.

Inside the bag housed in a protective water resistant pouch sits the iPod and Bluetooth modules. On the outside of the bag there are two flexible solar panels which connect to the TSA Step-up converter inside the bag that charges your devices. Also on the outside are ElekTex soft fabric controls built into the left strap to fiddle with your iPod, or answer your phone. Also on the strap is a hands-free microphone to handle your calls. When you pickup a call your iPod pauses its music so you don’t get interrupted during the call.

O’Neill also plans on coming out in September with a jacket that uses the same technology, just like the jacked we heard about earlier from Motorola. The H2 backpack should hit the stores in Europe by July. No word on pricing as of yet.