PalmOne’s LifeDrive Makes Appearance on Amazon

PalmOne’s LifeDrive Makes Appearance on Amazon


PalmOne, makers of all things PalmPilot, has released details of their new 4GB LifeDrive personal data organizer to Amazon. Not much to see except for a few pictures, but you can check it out.

Here is the spec list straight from the Amazon site regarding the Lifedrive;

– Quickly drag and drop files from your PC onto your LifeDrive mobile manager.
– Intel 416MHz XScale processor.
– Portrait and landscape viewing.
– 320×480 hi-resolution, color display.
– LifeDrive smart file management.

The pictures also indicate that it might feature Bluetooth and WiFi, but time will tell!

Few details have been confirmed, but it seems like it will retail from Amazon for $499.88 with a launch date of May 18th.