JiWire SpotLock Secure Wireless Service

JiWire SpotLock Secure Wireless Service


JiWire, a company that has a built an online database of WiFi access spots across the world, has launched a Wi-Fi security service. The service, named SpotLock, enables mobile users securely connect and send email from any wireless network.

When you send your data with JiWire’s SpotLock program it encrypts all your data transfer (email, web, ftp, etc) between your computer and JiWire’s servers. In addition it will also help you battle phishing and evil fake twin access points. The service also includes SMTP email relay to get past your ISP’s relay rules. The software will also allow you to find free/paid access points through their FREE connection manager.

There is a price for this service; $4.95 per month or $49.95 per year.