Motorola’s Ojo Video Phone is now Selling

Motorola’s Ojo Video Phone is now Selling


Motorola has finally started selling their Ojo Personal Video Phone. The phone is available through Motorola’s Ojo site for $800 bones. We searched all over the site for a way to buy the phone but all we could find was a pre-order link which I’m guessing you need to sign up on. Or they haven’t put it up yet, take your choice.

The Ojo was first debuted back in January at the CES2005 show. Just a few weeks ago the first satellite broadband call was made with the Ojo.

In addition to the price of the unit you also need to have a broadband connection such as DSL or cable PLUS pay a monthly fee of around $15 for the video call service.

The Ojo allows you to make real-time video calls to your friends and family using your internet connection. The technology behind the device is pretty interesting; the unit is capable of 30 frames-per-second video with synchronized audio at data rates as low as 100 Kbps. It uses MPEG-4 coding standard (H.264) and is designed to work within the upstream data rates with your everyday DSL or cable connection.