WifiCasino GS brings wireless gambling to PDAs

WifiCasino GS brings wireless gambling to PDAs


While visiting the Luxor or Belagio in Vegas, or on a cruise ship traveling exotic locations, you may be playing video poker or slots on a wireless handheld device pool-side or at the bar.

WifiCasino GS is a secure Wi-Fi PDA-based gaming system to offer a highly secure and friendly portable gambling experience to customers. Diamiond I Technologies has developed this system for resorts, cruise ships or any other gambling facility so customers can gamble from wherever they are, whenever they want, from a secure mobile system.

The device (not yet announced, but could very well be the Olympus R1000 we reviewed or something similar) will not be limited to gambling applications, it may even include Internet access, resort information, ordering meals and drinks or accessing concierge services.

Pending regulatory approval, WifiCasino GS (Gaming System) uses five integrated systems;

SecureGamble provides the gambling and security features allowing users to gamble from PDA’s within the hotel. It uses biometric identification, location tracking, and other security implementations to guarantee legitimate gambling.

MediaServe is a modular system that handles the non-gambling media, marketing, and other amenities and services. At anytime, the resort can choose to implement optional modules that deliver customized features to the casino guest, such as internet access, resort and event info, audio/video features, account information, concierge services, checkout and billing info.

AirTrack is the location tracking system. This system is used by every other system and location-based service.

GSAdmin is the management and administration system for the WifiCasino GS, which allows management to monitor any active module or application in real-time.

OpenHand CRM/SRA is the full CRM and Statistical Recording/Analysis engine of the system. It works to collect user data, activity info, location info, etc.