Mobile TV to reach 125 million users by 2010

Mobile TV to reach 125 million users by 2010


How does TV on your mobile phone sound? Analysts expect 125 million of them to be floating around in our hands by the year 2010. So far 130,000 TV phones will have been sold by the end of this year around the world, but the majority will be to Asian and European markets.

Mobile TV, which is broadcast to all users simultaneously, will offer higher quality picture than mobile video streams, which are streamed to individual users when requested.

Nokia reported their plans to introduce a mobile TV in the first half of 2006, Samsung Electronics from Korea showed the first Mobile TV phone two years ago, the SGH-E715.

Mobile chip-makers Philips and Qualcomm have plans to release energy-efficient mobile TV chips by the end of this year. Prepare to have a TV everywhere; in your hands or on the walls, wherever you may go, I even see them above urinals in bathrooms now. Big brother is really here.