Samsung’s High End Pro 815 Digital Camera

Samsung’s High End Pro 815 Digital Camera


Samsung has lifted the lid on their new camera which looks surprisingly like a digital SLR but is actually a high-end point and shoot. The Samsung Digimax Pro 815 will feature a large optical 15x zoom lens with an 28-420mm SLR equivalent. Another interesting feature is the extremely large TFT LCD display screen at 3.5-inches, digital camera PVP hybrid?

The Pro 815 uses a high resolution megapixel sensor to capture your images; LetsGoDigital speculates that it could be an 8 megapixel due to the product name. In addition, the camera will be capable of taking pictures at 2.5 frames per second. With startup times of 1 second and an accessory hot-shoe, this camera is definitely a competitor.

Expect to see this camera hit the streets around the July-August time period for a yet unknown price.