Cellphone Charging at work is NOT acceptable

Cellphone Charging at work is NOT acceptable


The top European budget airline Ryanair today announced that their employees are no longer permitted to charge their mobile phones while on board.

This is a ridiculous attempt to cut costs, just for a minute, imagine that all of Ryanair’s staff would happen to need to recharge their mobile phones every day for one full year. With 74 Boeing 737 planes and around 300 of them actually in a plane and even less charging their cellphones, how could a 5 volt 400MaH draw (average phone of today) actually do anything other than satisfy your employees by being able to charge their phone at work.

Cutting costs is one thing, but cutting every day necessities, come on. Next Ryanair will only permit one staff flushing in the restroom per trip to save on sewage disposal costs. That would stink just as much as their cost cuts!