Sprint Spreads Wi-Fi

Sprint Spreads Wi-Fi


Sprint has teamed up with four major broadband Internet service providers that will allow them to increase their available Wi-Fi hotspots to over 19,000.

Quiconnect will allow sprint to create more than 6,000 hotspots inside various international venues, including 30 airports by the end of 2005. Fiberlink Communications Corp will add access to 3,800 hotspots targeting the mobile workforce. Opti-Fi is going to add another 30 hotspots to airport venues across the USA. Pronto Networks will add hundreds more to prominent hotels, business centers, shopping malls, RV parks, restaurants, cafes and city-wide hot zones throughout North America. Finally, Nomadix will provide 350 hotspots for general public access networks.

Sprint Extended Workplace, a software client from Sprint will help users identify connectivity choices and give them the ease of point, click and connect. Sprint is creating Wi-Fi roaming agreements with companies across the United States, Canada and Europe. For a full list of Sprint compatible Wi-Fi zones check out Sprint’s site.