iTunes Mobile Coming Soon in June

iTunes Mobile Coming Soon in June


Think Secret is reporting that Apple is finishing up a version of iTunes music software for Mobile Phones. The software currently carries the name of iTunes Mobile 1.0 which has been in development since last year when Motorola and Apple teamed up to develop an iTunes compatible phone. Expect to see iTunes mobile in June if everything goes as planned.

Time and time again we have seen rumors pop up about the Motorola iTunes phone but we have yet to see any solid evidence.

BusinessWeek reported that Verizon Wireless and Sprint have declined the iTunes mobile software and they are planning to offer their own type of download service. Apple is still having trouble finding a carrier to buy into the phone, maybe they should release their own phone? The main issue is that they are money grubbing corporations that want to reap all the cash for themselves by charging a premium on top of Apples $0.99 per song. Like they don’t make enough money with all their hidden fees and rediciously high priced plans.