Broadband Global Area Network to happen this year

Broadband Global Area Network to happen this year


Telenor Satellite will be the premier service provider of next generation mobile satellite communications. A new generation of satellites known as Inmarsat 4, will be launched sometime this year to create the Broadband Global Area Network (B-GAN). This BGAN will be the most powerful communication satellite system launched by a commercial organization.

Inmarsat 4 was expected to launch in 2004, but for unknown reasons was delayed until now. Telenor has yet to give an exact launch date, but they are now announcing that it is “currently planned for commercial launch in 2005”. The two satellites are designed to be about 100 times more powerful than current generation systems and to offer a ten-fold in communications capacity. Services will include internet and intranet solutions, video on demand, video-conferencing, telephone and high-speed LAN access.

Back on earth, a small portfolio of lightweight user terminals will be capable of offering high-speed circuit-switched and packet data services and of course voice telephony.

“BGAN is set to revolutionize the global mobile communications market and it bodes extremely well that our preeminent Distribution Partner, Telenor Satellite Services, will be on the front line of this communications revolution from day one,” said Michael Butler, chief operating officer of Inmarsat.

(Photo of Inmarsat 4 being built. Photo Credit Frédéric Watbled)