New Nikon Entry Level DSLR Cameras, D70s and D50

New Nikon Entry Level DSLR Cameras, D70s and D50


Nikon has officially announced their D70s and D50 digital SLR cameras which sealed the deal on the rumors that have been flying around as of late. The D70s is an upgrade from the ever so popular D70 introduced last year. As for the D50, it’s a slightly downgraded version of the D70, aimed at transitioning people from point and shoot cameras to digital SLR.

Nikon D70s

The D70s will feature all of the same features as the D70; 6.1 mega pixel sensor, sturdy high-quality plastic casing, and 2.9 frames per second. Despite the similarities it has been improved in a few areas making it by far the best entry level DSLR on the market.

Upgrades include:

– Slightly larger LCD screen at 2.0-inches
– Improved auto focus accuracy
– Slightly wider flash coverage
– Higher capacity battery
– Redesigned menu system

The D70s should ship in May for a price of $1199 which includes the Kit lens (18-70mm). If you are looking to go for the camera body only, expect to shell out around $899.

Nikon D50

The D50 is aimed at users who want to transition from the world of point and shoot to the faboulus quality that a digital SLR produces. It features the same sensor as the D70s, but has been hindered in some areas to make the camera easier to use.

D50 Features:

– Available in black or silver body
– Takes Secure Digital media instead of Compact Flash
– Slightly smaller and lighter than the D70s
– 2.0-inch LCD screen
– New Auto Focus Mode AF-A which switches between AF-S and AF-C automatically depending on the subject
– Max shutter speed 1/4000
– 2.5 frames per second shooting

The D50 should hit shelves in June for a price of $899 which includes the new 18-55mm kit lens.