CSR UniFi-1 Chip Adds Wi-Fi to Devices

CSR UniFi-1 Chip Adds Wi-Fi to Devices


A single chip from CSR was unveiled today at The Wireless Lan Event at London’s Olympia. The UniFi-1 is embedded in an SDIO card and can be plugged into an O2 XDA II smartphone or a laptops cardbus2 slot.

The chip enables PDAs to add 802.11b/g and Laptop computers to add 802.11a/b/g for a lower power consumption wireless solution. In CSR’s demonstration today, they placed a VoIP call over Skype using an internet connection. The main purpose was to that UniFi will not interfere with, or be disrupted by these other RF sources.

“This is our first opportunity to demonstrate our working UniFi technology for Wi-Fi to the general public,” commented Simon Finch, VP strategic marketing, CSR. “Wi-Fi is to provide new ways for consumers to make fuller use of their mobile phones, PDAs or other devices. UniFi enables device manufacturers to add Wi-Fi at minimal cost and impact on physical design – and to pass these advantages onto the consumer.”