Z-Cyber Zling Photo-Wallet Portable Picture Storage

Z-Cyber Zling Photo-Wallet Portable Picture Storage


Z-Cyber has launched their Zling Photo-Wallet palm sized, portable picture storage device. The Zling has three different media slots including SD, MMC, and Compact Flash.

The device houses a 1-inch hard drive which comes in capacities of 1GB, 2GB, and 5GB. The housing has two different buttons, one for power and one to initiate the copying process. There are also a bunch of LED lights that illuminate during different functions such as progress indication.

The device will use USB 2.0 high-speed to transfer your pictures to your computer at around 5MB/s.

The Zling Photo-Wallet is available now on Z-Cyber’s website for $69 for the 1GB, $109.00 for the 2GB, and $149 for the 5GB.