Rogers Launches First Mobile TV in Canada

Rogers Launches First Mobile TV in Canada


Rogers Wireless and MobiTV have teamed up to set the standards in Canada as being the first Canadian provider to bring live television to your wireless phone. Soon Rogers customers will be able to watch live Toronto Blue Jay games on their mobile phone, but somehow I don’t think it will help them win.

Other live programming will include content from such channels as MSNBC, CP24, NBC On-Line, Discovery, TLC, The Weather Channel, Meteo Media, NBC Mobile, Major League Baseball Highlights, Comedy Time, and ToonWorld.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Will the service work on your current mobile phone? Well, here is a list straight from Rogers of phones that should support the service; Motorola V220, Motorola V300, Motorola V600, Motorola V3, Motorola V180, Motorola V186, Motorola V635, Nokia 6620, Sony Ericsson Z500. Also, just a note on the Nokia 6620, it is a high frame rate MPEG-4 phone which you should be able to get from Rogers for $129 cdn after signing your life over for three years.

Like everything else, nothing in life is free, and either will MobiTV; expect to see a fee of $9.00/month during their promotional period in addition to a data transport cost between approximately $10.00-$15.00 depending on your wireless data package. You can sign up on Rogers site to be notified when the service will launch.

The US already has such service provided by MobiTV on wireless networks such as Sprint PCS and Cingular Wireless.