Toyota offers advanced wireless vehicle system with killer karaoke

Toyota offers advanced wireless vehicle system with killer karaoke


Toyota Motor Corp. has beefed up the wireless system to be available in their next-generation vehicles. The wireless features will include a service that can dispatch an ambulance when air bags are deployed, 1000s of karaoke tunes for you to sing to; which is probably why you need the ambulance deployment feature. Also if you leave a door unlocked the vehicle will send your mobile phone an SMS message.

The system is called G-Book Alpha, it is very similar to other wireless Internet-linked services like OnStar, but with many improvements. The vehicle will have a telecommunications device, rather than a mobile phone to link to operators, who will be able to locate the vehicle via GPS at any time.

On-demand car audio called “G-Sound” is not entirely hip-hop, but offers over 10,000 songs stored on the vehicles navigation system hard drive. This isn’t free of course, songs will cost you anywhere from $0.90 to $2.80 USD, or you can buy it for the day from $0.30 to $0.90 USD. Of course you can listen to the song free for up to 40 seconds, but only three times. The karaoke service will cost $6.50 USD a month.

A voice response system is also one of the key features, in the event of a karaoke accident, the vehicle will shout your name, if you do not respond it will call for an ambulance.

Toyota plans to offer the system free for the first year and $110 USD each year after that, or $170 USD if you want to operate a handsfree phone from KDDI Corp. If you want to use another carrier it will run you $310 USD, since Toyota doesn’t own them.