First Videophone Call Over Satellite with Ojo

First Videophone Call Over Satellite with Ojo


Motorola and WorldGate Communications today completed the first live videphone call over a satellite broadband network connection. Using the Motorola Ojo Personal Videophone to complete the true-to-life personal exchange, Motorola reports that the audio and video were perfectly synchronized and showed no significant delay.

The information was beamed to a commercially available VSAT satellite orbiting 22,500 miles above Earth and back, a total round trip of 45,000 miles in no time at all. The Ojo will be a great device for consumers in regions not served by or in accessible to land-lines and broadband services.

“We’ve demonstrated that people around the world, even in the most remote regions, can share real-life experiences as they happen with Motorola Ojo Personal Videophones.” said David Grubb, Vice President, Business Development, Consumer Entertainment Solutions, Motorola.