Toshiba Gigabeat Line Reaches North America

Toshiba Gigabeat Line Reaches North America


Toshiba’s Gigabeat line has made it across to North America and will soon be available to most retailers online and in store. The seven players are pretty packed with features aside from their large 1.8-inch harddrives. They all have a 2.2-inch QVGA colour display, MP3, WAV, and WMA/PlaysForSure support with enough juice to keep your tunes humming for 16 hours.

The 10GB models will come in Black, Aqua Blue and Silver Acrylic, while the 20GB will come in Black or Silver Aluminum, the 40GB in Champagne Aluminum and the 60GB in Dark Gray Aluminum. Prices will start at $279, $329, $399 and $449 respectively. Amazon hasn’t offered it for pre-order yet which is surprising, expect them any day now.

Toshiba Gigabeat Product Line

10GB Black Acrylic MEG-F10K
10GB Aqua Blue Acrylic MEG-F10B
10GB Silver Acrylic MEG-F10S
20GB Black Aluminum MEG-F20K
20GB Silver Aluminum MEG-F20S
40GB Champagne Aluminum MEG-F40S
60GB Dark Gray Aluminum MEG F60S